Soul Reaver 2 on Windows 10 Crashing

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Soul Reaver 2 on Windows 10 Crashing

Postby Mike » 2017-12-22 @ 05:26

So, here is what's going on basically. I have the GOG release of the game, and even with that release, I have been having to troubleshoot it significantly. I used DgVoodoo2 3D wrapper from Dege v2.54 (released: 25.04.2017) to enable the character to devour souls, and stop any graphical glitches, but one problem remains; the crashing. I was thinking of giving up and getting the PS2 version instead, but the problem is I am more than halfway through the game, and want to be able to finish it. When I set it in Win 95 compatibility mode, it worked surprisingly for hours, but when it crashed, the character itself was moving less than a frame per second, and not even Ctrl+Alt+Delete brought up the task manager, so I had to hold the power down to shut down my entire machine, and do a cold restart. I am wondering if there are any other solutions to be considered?
Here are my specs

Core i7-7700 processor
GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB
Windows 10 64-bit

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Soul Reaver 2 on Windows 10 Crashing

Postby F2bnp » 2017-12-22 @ 09:45

The PC Gaming Wiki has an article on Soul Reaver 2: ... l_Reaver_2

They suggest using DXWnd and there's also this:

"Many users report crashing with no permanent fixes, although it has been said running the game from one CPU core alleviates this issue."
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