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Hi there.
I Need some help getting PGA Championship 2000 to run correctly on my Windows 10 PC.
The game itself installs and plays without any faults or errors. Ist just the 3D parts of the graphics, that are corrupted.
All 3D objects are flickering purple and have garbled textures. The 2D parts, like the prerendered landscape or the gui are not affected.

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669.41 KiB
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Fair use/fair dealing exception

Would be really nice if somebody could help me out.
You can get the free demo version here
(Please note, resolution should be less or equal than 1024x768 for the game to register your swing.)

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Reply 1 of 6, by DosFreak

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Just because it's on the Internets doesn't mean it's free. (This is referring to the previous link that I removed)
Try dgvoodoo2

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Bubu2000 wrote on 2018-11-09, 15:13:

Just installed the patch. Still the same.
On my older Windows 7 PC the game didn't have such Problems. The problems came with my new Windows 10 PC.

Just bumping this up as there is now a fully functioning fix for Win 10:

Extract DXWrap.dll to your PGA 2000 Bin folder.
Overwrite when asked. Backup your original first if you wish.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/73zi5nxyg7nudy0/DXW … GA2000.zip?dl=0


Reply 6 of 6, by manic232

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Thanks for the update wide2tele, however it is still not working for me. I have the latest patch for the game installed with the latest dgVoodoo and am using your DXWrap.dll file in the bin folder. The game starts up OK but as soon as you start a game it freezes. Any suggestions? Maybe I need to change a setting in dgVoodoo?

My System: SuperMicro P6SBA Motherboard, Win98SE, PIII 600Mhz, 256MB Ram, Voodoo 5 5500, SB AWE 64 Gold Sound Card, Roland LAPC-I