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I tried to install Black Dahlia on Windows 10 and found that the game works, although the setup is a bit tricky. I tested it with original English version of the game.

As the game has 8 CD, I prefer having all of its content on HDD without swapping of the discs during gameplay. This can be done by manually copying files but better way is to use the fan installer named "NoCD Patch v03" that puts the whole game on HDD, offers few fixes and also has useful option for removing the scanlines in video.

You can download it here or here

The install process works fine, but after the game is installed on Windows 10, it has problem with corrupted mouse cursor and also may crash. There is DxWnd utility with config file for the game that you can use for fixing it.

You can download it here

How to use it:
1) extract the archive, run dxwnd.exe and import "Black Dahlia.dxw" (file-import)
3) update the game path according to your install directory (edit-modify-path)
4) run the game (file-run or double click on its icon)

The default setting of dxw file is a fake fullscreen mode with blacked borders and original aspect ratio. It can be changed in DxWnd settings to normal fullscreen etc. (edit-modify). With the fake fullscreen I had remaining black screen after the game exit, but it could be closed by Alt+F4.
In case that you installed DxWnd to Program Files which I would not recommend, it should be run as admin.

There is also an official patch v1.01 for the game that fixes some bugs and also adds English subtitles to the dialogues.

You can download it here

But it cannot be normally installed, after you used the fan made installer.
What you need to do is:
1) install the game in different directory by using setup.exe on first CD. Only the first CD is needed in this case and setup should run in Windows95 compatibility mode, otherwise it can complain that there is not sufficient space on HDD even if it is. Now you should have two directories with the installed game - first is original (1CD) and second fan made (8CD).
2) put the official patch in the original directory and run it
3) copy SCRIPT folder and BD_WIN.exe from the original directory to the fan directory and owerwrite existing files
4) delete bd_win._xe in the fan directory, create copy of BD_WIN.exe and rename it to bd_win._xe
5) check that there is subtitles= 1 in file bd.ini in the fan directory

Now the game should run properly with DxWnD, deinterlaced videos (if you chose that option before) and also with English subtitles.

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A while back I managed to get this to run decently on my Win7 and was going to write an NSIS script to automate it all, but somehow never got around to doing the script. Perhaps I should get back to it..

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