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Hello everybody,

for reasons of nostalgia, I would like to play Battlefield Vietnam online against some friends.
Unfortunately I can't get the server to work. I patched and started the game according to these instructions (german):


I was also able to join the server described in the link. Only thing i couldn't do is host a server by my own.
There aren't really any instructions in the Internet about this topic. I only found this contribution (german again).

https://www.linuxforen.de/forums/archive/inde … p/t-130786.html

I tried to host the server with the DedicatedServer file located in the Battlefield Vietnam folder. As described in the post, I have also opened the corresponding ports.
As soon as I start the game and want to add the server, a loading screen appears and the game hangs.
Can someone help me with a step-by-step explanation or do i need a different software for hosting?