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Abandoned Witch here again, and I am having a problem with the game Big Mutha Truckers for PC.
When I start the game after the legal notices, the Empire, Eutechnyx logo and the opening videos are blank.
They show fine on Vista but on Win 7 (X64) they are blank because they are MPG files.
Should I use a codec to show them correctly?

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Reply 2 of 3, by ZellSF

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Very late reply, but it works fine on Windows 10.

I don't think Windows 10 supports any new old codecs, so I think it should work on Windows 7 too.

Check that you actually have the default Windows system codecs installed (meaning: check you have Windows Media Player on your system) and make sure to uninstall all other codecs.

Installing unneeded codecs is bad for games; if they needed any non system codecs they would be included with the installer.