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Hello. I am trying to get my genious mouse working on win 2.03. I added the genious.com mouse driver to my autoexec and it works fine in DOS 3.20. However I see no option to enable the mouse in the windows control.exe. This isnt to hard in Win3.1 but here is a different story. Can I actually do this or do I need to reinstall Windows with the mouse driver already loaded? (I added it after the installation).


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Hi Frank!

You need to re-install Windows 2.x, I'm afraid.
Windows 2.x had static drivers, still, except for printer drivers..

However, you may have to track down a Windows 2.x or Windows/286 driver for Windows 2.03,
since Windows does not use the DOS drivers. An image of 5.25"Genius Mouse diskette from the late 80s may be helpful here.

Alternatively, you could check if the Genius Mouse can run in PC-Mouse or MS-Mouse emulation mode.
I don't know for sure, but early mice could "boot" into an emulation mode by keeping a button pressed, when the PC was turned on.

Anyway, you could also try to use Windows 2.11, which is more recent.
Windows 2.x was shipped as Windows 2.x (plain, no suffix), WIndows/286 and Windows/386.
- Independantly of the version number (Windows/386 v2.03 also existed, along with v2.1 or v2.11)


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