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hi, does anyone know what the extra graphical features are? and if they can be enabled? on my modern system with a gtx 1060 it just says "not available".

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The readme says:

On some configurations some options will be restricted or not
available at all. For example, the "extra graphical features" will
only be selectable on the very latest graphics hardware.

Your card is like two generations old. Obviously it won't work.

More seriously, open cardid.txt, it lists options available for each card, what you want is "GEFORCE_FX_POWER". No clue what it, but by default it's enabled on ATI GPUs too so...

How to enable it? Either add your card ID under the relevant Vendor ID, or if you want to test just that feature delete all the contents and put just an entry for your card and that feature, like this:

Version: 26/5/3: Battle Engine Aquila

Vendor:10DE nVidia
Device:1b83 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

*End of file*

(3GB 1060 is 1b84)

Or use 3D-Analyze to fake having one of the cards in the list.