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I run a Frogger modding community.
Frogger's Adventures is an old game which I'd like to get working on modern machines, as do many of our community members.

I tried installing the game on Windows 10 with the real discs I played 15ish years ago, but unfortunately the game crashes upon startup.
It creates the fullscreen window for the game, ie my screen turns black and changes resolution, but then the game unexpectedly closes with no further information.

My first instinct was to open it up in IDA, but it seems like its SecuROM DRM is screwing with IDA's debugger, and I'm not sure the error I'm getting is correct.
My assembly skills are admittedly also not very advanced. I've done basic patches and reverse engineering, but I'm posting here because I think this is outside of my current skillset.

The game is available for download on places like the wayback machine, which also include a patch to bypass SecuROM, though it didn't seem to make debugging easier. (I was unable to find the rules, so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to directly link it or not)

I'm wondering if anyone here has any tips, or would even be generous enough to help debug the error which causes the crash.

Side Note: I also tried this in a Windows XP VM, but that failed too. I know this game worked on Windows XP, because that was the computer I played it on way back when.