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Gex 2 is glide or d3d+glide.
IIRC the EU version (Ubi-Soft) is glide only.
The US version (Eidos) is d3d only. And there is the glide patch for this version.

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Garrett W wrote on 2020-07-25, 00:14:

Fairly certain Dreams to Reality only runs on the original Voodoo (and perhaps Voodoo Rush). Even Voodoo2 can't run it apparently.

okay thanks.

P4SCE mobo/prescott p4 3ghz/4gb ddr1 in dual channel voodoo 3000 PCI @187mhz
3dfx ref. drivers / win98se with memory patch to boot with 4gb(1gb used)
dual boot with winXP-32 bit running amigasport 3.0 3dfx drivers