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Need help getting Tuneland to work correctly on win31DOSBox. Some sounds missing.

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First post, by MetalPetal

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I've been a bit depressed and anxious lately and listening to lullabies helps calm me down and reminds me of when I was but a kid. Then I remembered this game from when I was a toddler that my parents got me. I couldn't remember it at all and with the help of reddit I found out its name; Tuneland. I looked for it everywhere. I don't live in America and I don't have a credit card so I can't buy it, so I resorted to 'pirating' it. The torrent didn't work. Looked for it everywhere and then finally I found a copy of it on myabandonware. I've never used DOSBox nor any windows before XP and the abandonware version was on win3.x; I have no idea what that is tbh. I tried DOSBox and DFend reloaded but couldn't get anything to work cause I'm a total n00b. Then I realised I had to run it on win3.x, so I installed win31DOSBox and got everything working (I think). Ran the Setup for the game after I mount the .img file in win 31. The game worked finally! Or that's what I thought. Some audio files are missing. Well, there is this .ccd file in the original game folder that I downloaded from my abandonware but couldn't mount or open to view the files to be able to move them over to the win31DOSBox C: Drive directory. Maybe that's the cause of the problem? Idk tbh. Maybe there are other causes. The readme file says something about a driver but I don't think that applies to me as they said it usually is activated when I run setup.exe, which I did.
I really wanna play this game and it makes me even sadder that I've stayed up all night for 6 hours (It's now 6 a.m. where I live) and I've gotten this close to playing it but I actually didn't... Any Help Would Be Appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

Reply 1 of 2, by darry

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Really sorry to read about your anxiety and depression issues, I hope things go better for you soon .

That said, you have stumbled upon one of the issues with so called "abandonware" which is that you can't know what any program's been through and how it may have been broken compared to the originally released media .

Additionally, "abandonware" has no legal standing and is simply pirated software that hasn't been sold in a while .

Considering the legal aspects and the unknown variables, you are unlikely to get help here regarding this issue, if even site moderators were to allow it .

Tuneland original media can be purchased used on the Internet (unfortunately it seems rather expensive). That would probably the best solution .

Good luck!

Reply 2 of 2, by Dominus

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Darry is right in everything he wrote. We do not allow abandonware here, that includes discussion of how to get it working.hence I have to close this topic.
I wish you good luck in getting a legit copy and getting that to work! We can help you when you get a legit copy and it still doesn't work

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