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This was one of my favorite games back then in the Win98 Era played it on a 266Mhz Cyrix with voodoo3.
This game is notoriously hard to get it run on other video cards however lucky for me I'm an owner for a Voodoo3 16MB model again so I thought I give it a go. Build is Athlon XP + Voodoo 3 AGP + Win98SE + DirectX 7.0a + Voodoo 3 latest whql driver.

Whether I install 1.3 patch or not there is 1 bug which keeps recurring and makes the game literally unplayable. On some terrains when the heli tries to pickup ammo/health then it slows down to the level it takes minutes for it to pick it up and the controls are completely unresponsive in the meanwhile the fuel keeps counting down so because of this sometimes you waste half tank of fuel or you even die.

The same thing can happen if there is a higher terrain the heli just slows down like hell it cannot move then it gets unstuck.

Also there is a minor bug that the menu itself running like it would be on a 10Ghz processor fast as crazy but this does not affect the gameplay itself.

Did anyone run into these and manage to find a solution which at least makes it possible to complete the game?

With this bug I can't even get through level 1.