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I were fired a couple of months ago. And I have started to work as a self employee. I am starting my own business in my house so I have started to sharing the Gamming PC for running designers software. I were wondering about the PC resources used by this designing software. In all those years playing in PCs I have learned to squeeze all of the potential of my rig. Obviously there is a crysis here.

What do you think about sharing the same PC for Gamming and working?

Should I have two different SSDs with two separated Windows for each purpose?

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If this is just a short term thing between contracts or while you are starting up then I don't see a problem.

Main reason I wouldn't want to use my gaming PC is downtime.
Work PC's are nice and stable, you install your software and apart from updates the config stays more or less the same month in month out
Game PC's usually have games been installed/uninstalled, tweaking to get games working.
Last thing you want is have to waste time working out why Adobe or whatever is now running slow when your supposed to be working.
This is less of an issue then it used to be but still a consideration.

Besides, if your registering your business then you should be able to claim a new computer on tax. No rules about which becomes your games rig and which becomes your work one 😉