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Oh, I do recall fondly having spent tens of hours playing NFS2SE on my Win98 SE setup with Voodoo3. The 3dfx edition looked really nice. After beating the competition, I recall spending most of the time trying to set track records with the bonus car "FZR 2000".

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For me this would be a list of games with the most single-player replayability ever:
1. Alpha Centauri. (feed my OCD you addictive time sink)
2. XCom ufo defense. (gold edition ran so smooth & fine on Pentium-3 & win98)
3. Baldur's Gate 1. (No TotSC expansion)
4. Unreal Tournament 99.
5. Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries.
6. Doom 1. (maybe with mods like SmoothDoom, which IMHO is the only experience better than the original)
7. Deus Ex.
8. Outcast.
9. Jedi Outcast. (it ran ok on win98, but honestly I just play it on a newer PC for fast loading & FPS).

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Drittz wrote on 2020-10-21, 14:15:
xcomcmdr wrote on 2020-10-21, 06:59:

UT99 with bots.

Facing Worlds/low gravity is probably the one map I’ve played the most in the last 20 years

Lately I’ve been hooked on playing UT with the MultiCTF mod and CTFM-Face4 map, incredibly addictive! Nothing like playing it on a CRT for zero lag as well.

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I quite literally play through Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 every few weeks. As of recent it's been on my modern computers thanks to the graphics fix and LOD mods, but I also use my 98SE machine from time to time.