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When I launch Unreal Gold (D3D renderer), it loads Flyby map, and you can see these mirror-like reflections on the floor.


When you launch the game for the second time there are no reflections (like stone surface).

When you relaunch the game -- reflections are back.

When you launch the game for the fourth time -- there again are no reflections!


Reflections only work in Odd runs, and don't work on Even runs.

Happens on all my computers (even Win10).

Anyone with same issue? Just keep launching and closing the game and see what happens.

How to fix?

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Only Unreal.unr has reflections on the floor leading up to the castle.

UPak.unr and NaliC.unr do not.

The whole reason why is that the FlyBy is supposed to be as flashy as possible.

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lafoxxx wrote on 2020-11-08, 19:51:

Just noticed the Logos change from EPIC/Digital Extremes to EPIC/Legend.
So it's probably just two different maps (Unreal and Na Pali)

Well, too bad there are no reflections in Na Pali.

Well you got your answer. I think they made Na Pali for those early GPUs which couldn't render reflections

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oh yeah I remember seeing it for the first time on my V2... I was absolutely blown away at the time ^^

I remember I made a map way overusing the reflections... it did not run fast ^^

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Oetker wrote on 2020-11-09, 13:22:

I remember being completely blown away seeing the Unreal flyby in a computer shop, it made a 3DFX card an absolute must-have for me.

Yep, still think it looks magnificent - with the slow building orchestral music. Software mode it actually looks passable too!

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Discrete_BOB_058 wrote on 2020-11-09, 09:57:

Well you got your answer. I think they made Na Pali for those early GPUs which couldn't render reflections

A lot of Legend's original maps tend to be underdetailed and much smaller compared to the original Unreal. It starts looking more like Unreal by the time you go through the scrapped Unreal levels that were repurposed. It's like night and day.

Unreal's made for portal tech, it's not a GPU fault for not having reflections. It's rendering a whole scene behind a blended texture...