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Would anyone happen to have a download link for an older version of Fanaleds? The newer version of Fanaleds doesn't support NASCAR Racing 2003, and from what I've read some of the older versions indeed do support the game (re: the last post in this message thread -> https://www.fanaleds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=601 ).

According to a post in that message thread Fanaleds version 2.0c ("setupfanaleds_v20c.exe") supports NASCAR Racing 2003 and my Logitech G29 wheel.

I have searched and looked high and low all over the Internet for a download for that version, but it seems to be non existent. The official web site has a page to download supposedly older versions of the program, but all that is listed there are the most recent versions of v2.6.

Even the Wayback Machine (a.k.a. the Internet Archive) doesn't have the older archived copies of the web pages for Fanaleds, so I couldn't find it there either.

Does anyone have a download link or a copy of the installer for version 2.0c ("setupfanaleds_v20c.exe"), or possibly one that is only slightly newer than 2.0c (e.g. an installer for the program for the 2.0 version series)?

Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel