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Expendable (1999) includes a pretty informative benchmark by including the "-timedemo" input parameter on go.exe. This benchmark can be thwarted by a CPU check however that fails with newer processors like the Core 2. For normal play, this check can be bypassed with the parameter "-nocputest". Here's the problem though: Expendable doesn't read multiple input parameters, so running the benchmark with newer CPU's (go.exe -nocputest -timedemo) isn't possible.

In an old Vogons thread from 2011 another user suggested using a hex editor to modify go.exe. They mentioned they had success by changing the name of both input parameters to the same string. The game then presumably applied both the "timedemo" and "nocputest" parameters allowing a benchmark pass with a newer CPU.

Does anyone have a modded go.exe for Expendable timedemos with newer CPUs? Does anyone know the process to hex edit the executable in the manner suggested above? Thanks 😀