CPU test program for 8086 emulator

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Thanks, Win31 was an amazing milestone for me. 😁

It is still far from being "the most accurate" XT emulator. But hopefully the CPU emulation should be fairly good.
But I have to add more tests for the hardware validator to be affective. So far I have relied on the 186 test and those only takes you so far.
One area where I need more improvements are in the device emulation.

In terms of speed. I think it is okay.
I never intended this emu to go beyond any 16bit targets and the performance is good enough to run at several MIPS on quite old hardware.

What I think I have succeed with though is to make it simple to understand and learn from. 😀
It is also one of the few emulators I have seen that is easy to embed in other application.

For building it seems like you are using the wrong version of Zig. (don't know why you did not get a message about that?)
Try version 0.9 (or 0.9.1) of Zig. If you are using the Snap package of Zig make sure you use -beta to get the latest "stable" channel.
You also need to have libsdl2-dev installed on your system as it is an external dep.

VirtualXT - A portable, lightweight IBM PC/XT emulator written in C.