Internet Modem?

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Internet Modem?

Postby popeyewinter » 2017-8-11 @ 22:24

My family has switched to VOIP so I can no longer use my internal modem.

However, I have found a solution for this:

A program called internet modem, which lets you connect an old computer through a null-modem serial cable to a newer computer and use the newer computers internet connection as a "modem".

I have this program, and the hardware needed.

However, when I do atdt www.thekeep.bbs, I get "modem error code = 4" on the console of the program on my newer computer.

Does anyone know what error code 4 would mean?

I followed this video, even though he did it on the amiga, it should work for any system with a serial port.
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Re: Internet Modem?

Postby Jo22 » 2017-8-13 @ 01:38

Maybe it only supports ATDP (pulse dialing) so far ?

.. just kidding! XD

Sorry, I'm afarid I can't say anything helpful to this matter.

Here's an overview of the Hayes Command Set, though..

PS: Technically speaking, you can keep using your modem if your VOIP device has an analogue telephone socket.
I once did this to get a firmware update for an iMac G3. Think I told that story in this thread.
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