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Even though I've done console emulation before, but PC emulation is a different story for me.

I have a Dell Laptop G3 15, VirtualClone Drive, DOS-Box, Oracle VM VirtualBox, LaunchBox and an ISO file of Kid Pix Deluxe from MyAbandonware.

Whenever I mount Kid Pix, it takes me to the options as if you inserted a CD or USB into the port, asking you if you want to run it, open files or do nothing about it.

I click on the first option, it takes me to the Broderbund Startup and I click on install but it doesn't take me to the program I want it to.
Why won't it send me to Kid Pix? It says I'll need the physical disc to run it, but I want to run it without a physical copy.

Whenever I click on the applications, the PC tells me it can't run the file, telling me to check with the publisher, even though they don't sell them anymore.

I've tried to convert my Windows 10 to Windows 7 or XP, but it wouldn't let me.

The Jumpstart games and the ClueFinder games had run pretty well, but as for Kid Pix, it's a different story for some reason.

I've downloaded the Windows Version of Kid Pix Deluxe.

Any advice please?