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I'm quite content with my S370 board (with via chipset). It allows me to use a nice & cool & quiet and very, very slow Via C3 cpu (for games that don't like faster ones) as well as the coppermine P3s. Nevertheless it only has 2 ISA slots, a third one would be nice to have.
Are there any Socket 370 based mainboards with 3 ISA slots?
I know that there are many Slot 1 boards with 3 ISA Slots that might work with a S370 cpu by using an adapter card - but are they really stable? Will they work even with a 1 Ghz coppermine? And what about my beloved VIA C3 700?

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Dunno. Most mobos in those days had at most 2 slots. Then they started to go to 1 slot... 3 slots might be pretty rare. Some of the Super 7 boards had 3 ISA slots. I hated them cuz they didn't have enough PCI as a result. 😀

Here's one:
Shuttle HOT-681Z i440ZX Socket-370

DFI CM64-AL Socket 370 ATX Motherboard, Pentium III

I did a Google search
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=fir … %22&btnG=Search

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Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I'm pondering the same thought lately.

I like Socket 370 over Slot 1, for maintaining a heatsink and fans easier. Also can do LED fans on them. I also like intel chipsets over VIA chipsets from this time period. I felt that my intel boards from back then were more stable with Windows 98. This could be completely false however if anyone cares to help me understand better.

So far the only boards I have found to have existed, that are Socket 370 and have 3 ISA slots, were VIA chipset based. I'm leaning towards living with 2 ISA slots for the sake of keeping an intel chipset.

Anyone heard of a 3 ISA that uses intel? Anyone think the VIA is perfectly fine and that I'm just simply mistaken?

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IMO a Socket 7 based system is the way to go if you need that many ISA slots. Being able to disable L1 and L2 cache is ideal to have a slow (386DX / 486 DX2) equivalent machine.

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Anyone heard of a 3 ISA that uses intel? Anyone think the VIA is perfectly fine and that I'm just simply mistaken?

I got very frustrated with VIA on my Super 7 board, especially with AGP. I'm sure they must have improved by the P3 era, but I think they were still known for being a bit of a pain. Nothing is more trouble free than an Intel in that time period.

re: Intel based socket 370 boards with 3 ISA
Shuttle has some, like the HOT-681Z that was mentioned. Seems they sold that same board with several different chipsets. VIA/Intel/budget/premium.
I found a few others also. Personally I'd want a 440BX, but I don't know what's actually out there for sale right now. The ZX would be just as good if you don't need the BX capabilities.

Shuttle HOT-683 (440LX)
Shuttle HOT-681Z (440ZX)
Shuttle HOT-681 BX (440BX)
Supermicro 370SBA (440BX)
Pine ZA3 (440ZX)
http://www.itox.com/pages/products/mothers/re … rol/gcb60-g.php
Though it's shown as EOL, but this was a long term support industrial board, so it's probably well made. I've never had any of their boards though.


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I would swear that one of the earlier Shuttle Spacewalker boards had an intel chipset and 3x ISA or more because I had one. I know it had 3x ISA but I couldn't 100% verify it was intel, yet I thought that was part of my reason for buying. Since it died long ago I can't help with more info than that though. 🙁