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Seeking driver for Video Blaster RT300 for DOS and Win3.х In the internet is only for win95 ...
Who has an original CD?

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atifix.exe 940627 Video Blaster fix for ATI video cards
cinepa.exe 940627 Updated Spigot driver w/Cinepak video CODEC
fs_os2.exe 950217 VB FS200 Drivers and Apps for OS/2. VBFS-OS2-01-ENG
mp400os2.exe 951208 Updated VB MP400 files for OS/2. MP4-OS2-01-ENG (Rev 1)
mp4w95.exe 960916 Video Blaster MP400 drivers for Win95. VMP4-95STD-1-US
se_os2.exe 950814 VBSE100 drivers & apps for OS/2. VSE1-OS2-01-ENG(Rev 3)
se1w95.exe 960916 Win95 install for VB SE100 card. VSE1-95STD-1-US (Rev 1)
tvcp95.exe 961011 TVCoder Portable Win3/Win95 install. Use -d! TVCP-95STD-1-US
vbdemo.exe 940718 VideoBlaster SE Demo for OS/2 (use -d!)
vbdu.exe 940627 Updated Video Blaster driver for DOS
vbfs2.exe 941003 Latest VB FS200 Installation (Rev 5)
vbmp400.exe 950404 Video Blaster MP400 install for Win3.1. MP4-STD-02-ENG
vbse1.exe 950320 VBSE100 Install VBSE1-STD-01-ENG(Rev 2). Solve INT probs
vbsev2.exe 950404 Latest VB SE installation disk. VBSE-STD-02-ENG (Rev 1)
vbrt3w95.exe 951221 VB RT300 (CT6061) Win95 program & drivers. VRT3-95STD-1-US
vbtst.exe 940627 Updated VideoBlaster Test Software
vbvfwu.exe 940627 Updated Video Blaster drivers for VfW1.0
vbvw11.exe 940627 Updated Video Blaster driver (v1.3) VfW1.1
vb_wu.exe 940627 Updated Video Blaster driver (v1.3) for Windows
vseavi.exe 940627 Updated VfW Driver for VB SE to fix AVI playback problems
wc2p9xup.exe 990120 VB WebCamII Parallel Win95/98 drivers. VWCP-9XWEB-1-US
wc2pnt4.exe 990120 VB WebCamII Parallel WinNT4.0 drivers.VWCP-NTWEB-1-US(Rev1)
wc2u98up.exe 990120 VB WebCamII USB Win98 drivers. VWCU-98WEB-1-US

Here :
http://www.mmnt.net/db/0/0/ftp.isu.edu.tw/pub … CreativeLabs/vb

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I'm also looking for the driver. Maybe someone has the original floppy disks, because it seems only the Win9x was available for download: http://web.archive.org/web/19970607184252/htt … p-vb.html#rt300

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