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Do the GLIDE wrappers work with ALL early 3dfx supporting games? Or do certain games like Mechwarrior 2, which AFAIK drove the voodoo 1/2 directly and apparently will not work with a voodoo3, refuse to use such a wrapper?

Does anything in DOSBOX get around this (I heard they were working on 3dfx support but didn't know the status) or is one stuck still needing hardware voodoo cards for early GLIDE games?

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Yes and no, the wrappers have issues with the DOS static linked games (list of games here: DOS Glide Games List). They can be run in DOSbox with a special build, but the performance is not very good at the moment and there are some bugs. I am not an expert on this subject so maybe someone else can explain more. This topic has also been discussed previously here on Vogons.

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