QEMU w/ PCI Passthrough (Geforce FX5500 256mb PCI)

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QEMU w/ PCI Passthrough (Geforce FX5500 256mb PCI)

Postby Vykyan » 2017-11-01 @ 12:16

Hey all,

At the moment my main Desktop is running ArchLinux (via Intel GPU), which I then Virtualize Windows 10 (VIA QEMU) and passthrough my nVidia GTX 1060 6GB to play the modern games (as the kids say).

And I've seen a lot of people having success running Windows 98 in QEMU (Software Mode GPU, hardware Intel 440BX is represented, and has Win98 drivers). Which got me thinking...

My motherboard has 2 PCI slots, what if I fill them with a Win98 supported PCI USB Hub and a Win98 supported PCI GPU?

I then passthrough my PCI USB Hub and PCI GPU to the Win98 virtual machine, connect up my DiamondView CRT to the GPU and plug in, mouse+keyboard+audio+lan win98 supported usb devices?

I would suffer the hit of non-native IO because I'd need to use emulated IDE/Etc, but I think my Modern PC would be fast enough to supply Win98 with the required speeds.

I've ordered the parts (God bless you china) and Hopefully will have an ArchLinux Desktop, Windows 10 Gaming Machine and Windows 98 SE Retro machine all in one :)

Any advice, critizisms, concerns or else is welcomed! :)
PS: Sorry for spelling.
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Re: QEMU w/ PCI Passthrough (Geforce FX5500 256mb PCI)

Postby Kamerat » 2017-11-03 @ 04:52

If you still got any PCIe 16x slots left you can always try a GeForce 6xxx/7xxx or a Radeon x00 for higher performance. I had some success myself with pass through of PCI sound cards on VMWare ESXi running a Windows 98SE guest.
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