release: roland sc88 soundfont

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release: roland sc88 soundfont

Postby autoexecdotbat » 2017-11-26 @ 04:29

here is a more or less complete roland sc88 soundfont. it was made by Mr Sannic on musical artifacts using a demo of Roland Virtual SOund Canvas Va.
you can get it here:
note to foobar 2000 users: this soundfont may not be relivent because foobar supports the vsc core directly, which doesn't have the limitations of the trial version. just go to advanced prefferences>playback>secret sawse path and enter the path where vsc va is installed. if dun correctly, "secret sauce" should be an option in the output plugins conbo box, and you can set it to sc88 mode by selecting it from the flavor combo box. this soundfont is for those who use other soundfont players like the basmidi driver or forks of dosbox that implement fluid synth.
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Re: release: roland sc88 soundfont

Postby Falcosoft » 2017-11-26 @ 15:04

Unfortunately this soundfont is rather useless in its current form. It's far from complete as a SC-88/GS soundfont (only contains 116 presets). It is not even GM compatible since there are many missing capital instruments in bank 0 also. Overall 22 instruments are missing from the main bank so any midi files that use program 96-103, 112-114, 116-117, 119-127 simply play wrong.
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Re: release: roland sc88 soundfont

Postby leileilol » 2017-11-26 @ 23:34

Yeah I just tried it, sounds terrible with any midi i threw at it
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