ADLjack 1.0.0 release, OPL3 and OPN2 synthesizer

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ADLjack 1.0.0 release, OPL3 and OPN2 synthesizer

Postby jpcima » 2018-5-13 @ 14:16

Hello! I post to announce the release of ADLjack 1.0.0, a software which I have developed for realtime synthesis of OPL3 and OPN2 emulations.
It is made in part thanks to the work of Wohlstand who has created MIDI driver libraries for these chip emulations.

Here you have the project page with sources for all OS, and you have Windows installers under releases.
For now it's Vista and up but next release is going to support XP too.

You can use this programs for all MIDI purposes. On Windows, this has support for virtual port, which means software is able to pretend it's a hardware MIDI port, and as long as program is open; and you can use it as if it were a OPL3 MIDI driver on hardware chip (or OPN2, if you prefer).
(for music sequencing, MIDI file playback, connecting to dosbox MIDI etc..)

The virtualMIDI support is somewhat hidden but to get it: find and install the loopMIDI software.
You don't need to enable or use this software at all, but ADLjack needs the companion driver which is part of this software.
With this installed, the Virtual MIDI port option will appear in the software.
(it's legally ambiguous whether or not I can be allowed to use virtualMIDI in my software, and I was not able to reach the author. If he comes to ask me to remove the virtual MIDI, I will)

This program does all things ADLMIDI enables to do: load custom banks, add chips for polyphony, etc...
I hope you enjoy the software.
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