xoreaxeaxeax testsuite on minix 2.0.4?

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xoreaxeaxeax testsuite on minix 2.0.4?

Postby superfury » 2018-5-19 @ 22:08

Would it be possible to use on a Minix 2.0.4 distribution(the MS-DOS boot.com variant to be exact)?

If it's possible, how do I actually install it on Minix 2.0.4? It would have to be Minix 2, because versions 3+ as well as Linux won't boot(directly) using a normal CD, HDD or floppy bootdisk atm yet(due to CPU bugs still unfound).

Anyone knows how to get xoreaxeaxeax running and instslled on 80386/80486 Minix 2.0.4?
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