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First of all, I apologize if this has been answered already, for some strange reason I can't use the search feature.

I've been trying to run System Shock 1 (the underdogs version, which seems to be a full CD rip) with VDMSound - I've given up on DOSBox a loooong time ago, as the sound never gets properly configured.

The problem is, SS loads and I see the intro. I select new game. I edit the settings. So far so good. But when I actually click START, the game ends with a not-enough-memory error message. I'm running XP, and I made sure that the settings on the VDM shortcut ensure the MAXIMUM possible memory for the game. I've also done the same in the exe file's own pif. Nothing.

Could anyone help me? Or, if this has been answered, point out the thread? As I said, I can't seem to use the search engine.

PS - Should I copy/paste the error I get when using the search engine?

EDIT - Damn, just realized, wrong board. Will a moderator move this, or should I? It should be on the "DOS" board...

EDIT2 - Ah nevermind, SEARCH works now and I fixed it. Sorry.

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redruM wrote:

I've given up on DOSBox a loooong time ago, as the sound never gets properly configured.

System Shock works ok in DOSBOX, it just requires powerfull computer, otherwise it is a bit slow (2 or 3 Ghz processor should be ok). I have never seen any problem with sound ...


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For the life of me I can't remember which thread I found this on but it WAS here at VOGONS. This file has been modified in some way shape or form and seems to make SS1 work in XP with VDMSound.


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