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Hello it's me Andrew Schmitt. I am trying to install Soundblaster pro on my Windows 3.1 VM on PCem but I am having problems.

I have downloaded the floppy version of the Soundblaster pro 2.0 from here.

And I thought using the floppy version would have CD audio and Midi functions on Windows 3.1. So what I was doing is I was wanting to install Soundblaster pro 2.0 on Windows 3.1 on PCem. What I did is that I uninstall Soundblaster 16 from the control panel by accessing the drivers program. And I uninstall everything that had name soundblaster on it. Including the CD audio and Midi sequencer. And I downloaded the Soundblaster pro 2.0 install disk from the link that is on this post. I put into Win3.1 image file, and I turned on the emulator, booted up my Windows 3.1 VM, and I had to exit out of Windows because I have put it on autorun, And I typed in the location of where the install files are (C:/drivers/sound/disk_1,) It let me into the install screen, I tried to install it by choosing the C drive on my VM but nothing happened. I don't know why. But the ones that are found on the vogons drivers archive which I have called Soundblaster pro 2.0 install disks what they have in a zip file were not floppy images. So you can't install the drivers from C drive, you can only install them from the floppy drive. And I don't have the floppy images for them nor physical the floppy disks.

If you can help me solve this problem please leave a post.

Thank you.

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Hi again, you can install "CD Audio" independently of the Sound Blaster.
Windows 3.1 has all the drivers on-board, you can install them in Control Panel.
Go Drivers -> Add -> [MCI] CD and insert the requested Windows disk or go to setup directory.

PS: I've also added a set of floppy images (different formats) with updated drivers.
The original ZIP file from the FTP server is also included.

The attachment contains the following drivers:

Artisoft Sounding Board
IBM M-Audio sound driver

Microsoft Ad Lib
ThunderBoard Wave driver

Creative Sound Blaster Pro Wave and MIDI
Creative Sound Blaster Pro MIDI Synthetizer
Creative Sound Blaster Pro Auxiliary Audio

Pro AudioSpectrum Wave/MIDI/Aux
Pro AudioSpectrum Stereo FM
Pro AudioSpectrum Mixer
Pro Audio [MCI] Mixer Control

Sound Driver for PC-Speaker

Good luck! 😀


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By the way, if you like to play games with Audio-CD tracks..

Most emulators don't use advanced image formats like *.NRG, but only *.BIN + *.CUE.
So you need to make sure you have a CD-ROM dump along with the cue files.
Or you need a virtual CD-ROM drive, like MagicISO, that can read other formats w/ CDDA track.

Normal *.ISO files don't have audio tracks.

Using physical CD-ROMs..
If you like to play games off a real CD-ROM with audio tracks that you own, you need to have an analogue audio cable (or SPDIF cable) going
from the back of your CD-ROM drive to your sound card. Else you won't hear anything.

DOS and Windows games from the 90s that try to play CD tracks, do usually talk to the CD-ROM drive directly.
So unless the emulator is smart enough to intercept this part, all the commands are passed through to your real CD-ROM drive.
Then, the CD-ROM drive starts playing the music on its own. But without any audio cable, you won't hear anything.
(Edit: MagicISO on Windows supports playing audio tracks. So you can dump your originals using Nero Image Writer or
something and let an emulator like DOSBox or PCem use a simulated MagicISO drive with a mounted CD image.)

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