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I have been trying to use either PCem or 86Box to re-create some old mid-90s era Packard Bell systems that ran on Hillary boards which I used to own, but have been running into roadblocks in both.

For PCem:
It does seem to be compatible with PB570 boards, which were Hillary, and I was able to configure generic versions of the right size HDD, speed CDROM, type of floppy drive, and even the same video card it had. However, the soundcard many at the time had however, a fairly uncommon "Aztech Sound Galaxy Washington 16", is a no-go so I had to make do with just choosing an AWE32. Not too surprising I suppose since it was some oddball Combo Soundcard/Modem ISA card.

I don't really see any way to add the dialup modem it had in PCem either, but I can't really get any reasonable use out of an emulated version of something like that anyway.

Issue is.... it seems to have an odd bug when emulating those Hillary boards where no matter what CPU I choose for it, it just thinks it has a 100MHz CPU installed.

For 86Box:
I can't seem to get a proper Hillary board running on it, the closest it seems to have is a PB60 Thousand Oaks board, but this was Socket 7 instead of Socket 5 and fairly newer than what I am looking for. The Thousand Oaks board does detect the CPU speed correctly in 86Box, but I am trying to configure a Hillary board, not a Thousand Oaks board.

I tried copying over my 570 Hillary board rom from PCem into 86Box, and just for testing the 640 Thousand Oaks Board rom from 86Box into PCem too, but neither could recognize the other.