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There are many great apps and stunning mobile games that you can get from our Android store. Let’s check a few in the article below!

Pocket is a divine tool that is popular among busy people but always wants to keep up with daily news. The apps allows users to save articles from any device for offline reading when they have time.


This app supports unlimited reading preferences. The page combines the hottest news on all topics to let you explore without having to log in.

The app will offer a series of the most interesting and latest articles. If you save it, you can read it right on the streamlined interface and without ads.

For example, finding “AI” keywords you will get explanations about it and related suggestions such as deep learning, tech, google, facebook (leading companies in AI applications).

Pocket will also give suggestions about keywords or problems related to what you're looking for.

This application will also display three most readable articles each time you turn on the new tab. Pocket collects these articles through millions of posts saved by their users every day.

However, even if these two new features are not used, you can still use the suggestion system based on your interests in the Recommended section of Pocket.


Great app to store content.
Save from anywhere, read everywhere.
Clean layout and customizable display.
Listen-to-article feature supporting.

Now, let’s have a look at our game! Play store apk free download for android mobile

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a popular mini game for Android . This game set in the midst of zombie predating all over the world. However, the graphics is designed in a pleasant way without any horror.

Zombie Tsunami have many attractive features and more than 300 unique tasks. This is why the game is extremely attractive.

At first you will be a zombie with the task of biting human caught on the road. People who are bitten will also turn into zombies like you and become a member of the pack. Of course, you can control the number of members to complete a certain task.

Collect as much gold as possible along the way to upgrade the power of the zombie herd. The money can also be used to buy some essential items that the quest requires in the game market.

On the way, there are not only gold or people but also bombs, cars, airplanes, etc that will gradually kill your zombies. The game is over if your zombie flock dies.

Attack the city with zombie troops. Turn pedestrians into zombies and create the largest army!


Free apps and games for Android on the best online apk downloader - Apkafe


Only one button to control the entire crowd.
10 amazing rewards, ninja, dragons, UFOs and more.
Many upgrades are ready to unlock.
Feed zombie birds and use their power.
Over 300 missions to conquer.
Go through 11 backgrounds.
Optimized for all Android models.

The app and game introduced above are just two of many amazing software you can get for your Android device. To download great apk apps and games like these, visit our store now! Hope you have a great experience!

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Demo playback is like regular game mode but with all the AI, input and physics systems turned off - all events are read from the demo file instead. There's a few bugs that make things act different when they're "forced" actions instead of being triggered normally, and sometimes there's visual oddities due to speed differences between the systems used for recording and playback.