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When I instruct Descent(ran using descentr.exe from the MS-DOS prompt) to run one of the demo's, what does it do? It says it's loading a level('preparing for descent...'), but what does it do after that? Does it simply play a prerendered video at that point? Or does it start a full engine and run a script that controls actions of player and enemies(so simulating enemy movement by a predetermined script and player input that's scripted instead of real input from the user's mouse/keyboard)?

It does say "Demo playback (xx% done)" in the middle of the screen, so does that mean it's just playing a video? Or is it actually using the normal game engine to do simulated player input(keyboard/mouse) and static enemy responses?

https://www.descentforum.de/forum/downl ... 717703f6f0 does seem to imply that it's the actual engine, as it can have bugs during 'playback' that relate to specific objects only?



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Demo playback is like regular game mode but with all the AI, input and physics systems turned off - all events are read from the demo file instead. There's a few bugs that make things act different when they're "forced" actions instead of being triggered normally, and sometimes there's visual oddities due to speed differences between the systems used for recording and playback.