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This is a question where the answer appears to elude me. Surely, I'm not the only one who can't seem to get my mouse to behave in the virtual environment. I have tried every combination of motherboard, video card, mouse type, and mouse driver (ct mouse, ms mouse 4,6,8, logitech 6, 6.5, etc) I can bare to try and still, in Microsoft Programmer's Workbench, the mouse won't behave. WTF - is this just PWB being broken (seems unlikely and I don't see much chatter about it on the web), PCEM/86Box being broken, or what?

86Box is latest, PCEM, same.
Windows 10
lots of memory (virtual and real), fast processors (virtual and real), ssd, etc.

Tips on what else to try would be appreciated (or even confirmation that PWB doesn't handle mouse correctly)...


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Thanks for mentioning this!
Noticed something similar in Virtualbox (in a Real-Mode DOS VM), too.
Let's hope mice laggyness is fixed soon.

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