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I've recently begun a new playthrough of Gabriel Knight 3. As I'm currently using Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system, I'm running the game through WINE, by way of PlayOnLinux.

And it works! Everything seems to be just as expected. Except...

Hardware accelerated rendering looks fine (well... as "fine" as Gabriel Knight 3 ever looks)--but I can only click on certain objects (more detail presently).

Conversely, I can use software rendering, under which I can click on things happily enough--but of course it's software rendering, and it looks pretty bad. (It's also slow in some views.)

I'd really like to get hardware rendering to work, while retaining the ability to, you know, play the game. Hence I've come here, hoping for help!

(If the issue proves intractable, I can fall back on just playing under software rendering; it'll be a pity, but it should work.)

As to the details:

When hardware accelerated rendering is active (by selecting my graphics card from the relevant in-game drop-down), only certain objects seem to be clickable, as I mentioned previously. Specifically, I think that I can only click on non-animated objects; those that have, or can have, any form of animation seem to be undetected by the mouse-cursor.

(So for example, in the hotel I can click on the static doors between rooms, but not on the dumbwaiter -door or -lock within Gabriel's room.)

Indeed, static objects behind animated objects are clickable through the latter--the game acts as though the animated objects aren't there (or perhaps are somewhere else).

My guess at the moment is that the engine is casting a ray (or doing some mathematics of some sort) to find the closest polygon under the mouse-cursor--and that there's some difference between the way that it expects animated vertices to be handled and the way that my graphics card is actually handling them. The software was (presumably) written by the game's developers, and therefore naturally handles animated vertices in the way that the game expects them to be handled.

As to WINE, I believe that I'm using ver. 4.0.1, and that it's set to emulate Windows 95. It's also set to produce a "virtual desktop" in a window, of size 1024 x 768. As noted, I'm playing through PlayOnLinux.

As to my system, here are my specs:
Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series
CPU: Core i7 2.4GHz (4-core)
Memory: 8GB
Graphics: GeForce 840M, 2GB (+Intel integrated)