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I notice that (especially when using Windows 95's shutdown menu or 3.0's boot screen), UniPCemu's adaptation of the _zoomSurfaceRGBA function(https://www.ferzkopp.net/Software/SDL2_gfx/Do … rce.html#l01361), UniPCemu's version begin optimized for it's own purposes(keeping precalc tables: https://bitbucket.org/superfury/commonemufram … u/gpu/gpu_sdl.c ; function zoomSurfaceRGBA) when using my implementation of said resizing functionality (which should match the mentioned original code, although I'm using some precalculated tables in it(when possible, caching the horizontal/vertical row/column increments for way faster screen updates)) for some reason displays some moire pattern?

Anyone knows why this pattern seems to show up when rendering stuff like those mentioned(mostly when certain patterns are on the display, e.g. on/off dotted patterns or some fade dot patterns)? Is that supposed to happen according to the original(the interpolating code to be exact)?

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