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I've uploaded a 486SX VM mainly intended to run DOS games.
The specs :
Intel 486SX-25
ALi 1429 motherboard
Trident 8900D 1 MB ISA
Sound Blaster 2.0
420 MB IDE hard drive
1.44 Mb and 1.2 Mb floppy drives
For the operating system i've installed Caldera DR-DOS 7.03, there are online disk images with MS-DOS and Windows 95 installed but this one was free for personal use. The good part about it is that you can easily run setup and configure it for your country (but it's still in english). I've also included Doom 1.1 shareware.

Now what do you need to run it?
Get 86Box https://github.com/86Box/86Box/releases/tag/v2.07 (the optimized build for your architecture) and 86BoxManager https://github.com/86Box/86BoxManager/releases/tag/1.6.4
You'll need to search for the rom bioses. I recommend you to read the Getting Started section of the 86Box docs https://86box.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html
Extract my file to any folder, then the emulator and the manager and the roms. Rename the roms folder to roms. The configure the manager to point to your folder with the VM. Edit the path to the virtual disk in the 86box.cfg file or configure the machine from the manager and load the disk image.
To inject software besides mounting floppy disk images you can use OSFMount to mount the hard disk image (mount the entire image as virtual hard disk in direct write mode).
To prevent data loss don't open the image in both the emulator and the utility at the same time.
Some software won't run with EMM386 (DR-DOS was not as compatible as MS-DOS or PC DOS) but you can skip loading the autoexec.bat and config.sys files at boot with F5 when the starting DOS message appears or load them step by step using F8 like in MS-DOS.
The virtual disk will run as well with PCem of course. I haven't included the emulator nor any roms in my rar file.

LZDoom, ZDoom32, ZDoom LE
RUDE (Doom)
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