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Hi there,

I have noticed that when I play Death Rally on MS-DOS (6.22) Qemu it runs very slowly (albeit very smooth). However when I use the same VM to first run Windows 3.1, start up a virtual console and run Death Rally from there is runs at a normal speed.

Now for the weird part, I actually find the slow version of Death Rally quite fun and relaxing (you should try it!) and would like to bring this experience to other games! 🤣

So I have tried things like moslo, throttle, turbo and other TSR programs to try to achieve similar, however even though they slow down the machine, the delta time of the game kicks in and I just end up moving in larger jerkier increments which is not relaxing at all!

So, it seems that using Death Rally on raw MS-DOS with my emulation setup is exhibiting a bug which I almost want to reproduce with other games. It looks like the system time is slowed down. I.e so if something like SDL_GetTicks() is used to calculate the delta-time, this is reporting a much slower time to the software.

Basically can anyone thing of a way to hook the system time in MS-DOS (or the BIOS) and get it to actively report slower seconds?

Many thanks!