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I have the laptop in question, the operating system is Windows 98 + the official drivers. Windows 98 system is supported by IBM

The audio drivers are these and the card is a soundmax https://thinkpads.com/support/Thinkpad-Driver … es/aftp1g98.txt

If I start a DOS game with Soundblaster support, however, I don't hear audio, specifically this one https://www.myabandonware.com/game/the-games- … r-challenge-15s

I saw that I need to set a BLASTER variable, tonight I'll try. Is there anything else I can do to activate the emulation?


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Try running it in MS-DOS mode. Also check irq/dma/port settings in the game's settings(from within the game, I think it's called setup there as far as I can remember)?

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