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Hi Vogons, yesterday I started a project that I thought should be easy enough. A Windows 95 Live CD. The way I did this is I installed 95 on a regular IMG file, copied the installation to an ISO, and made a diskette that made a ram drive, and copied the installation from the CD to the ram drive, then I made the ISO bootable, using that same diskette. This process works in theory however when it's all copied, running win.com from the ram drive gives an error (picture below): "While initializing device VFBACKUP: VFBACKUP could not load VFD.VXD. Please run setup again". I have tried the following things to fix this:

• Replace vfd.vxd and vfbackup.vxd with good copies
• Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 150164
• Adding smartdrive to autoexec
• Using the MSDOS.SYS from the 95 install on the boot diskette (This fixed an error of "Cannot find or load krnl386" and led us to this vfd.vxd error)
• Autoexec PATH variable to c:\, c:\windows, c:\windows\system
• Change the source installation from the img file to use 16 bit drivers for everything related to the disk.

Any help?


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I do remember the same kind of issues with the Windows 95 on 2 floppy disks(2.44MB each) project when booting it in UniPCemu?

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