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I can't remember how I found it, but I got a collection of DOS games. What's weird about this is that it's more like a preservation archive similar to console ROMs with multiple versions of all the various games. Betas, Alternate versions, Shareware, Freeware, Retail releases, Hacked copies, alternatives, different languages, etc. What's strange is I'm having a hard time trying to understand a few ROM-like codes attached to these archives. Most of the codes I found here at GitHub and here at this archive.

These codes are pretty much DOS exclusive.

(PCjr) = Obviously a PC Junior program.
(Tandy 1000) = A part of the Tandy line of computers
[SW] = Shareware
[FW] = Freeware
(CGA) or (CGA only) = The pink and green graphics version.
(Tandy) = Tandy graphics
(EGA) = Basic colors
(VGA) = Higher colors
(Mono) = Black and white graphics?
(Installer) = These games seem to come in "installed\ready-to-run" and "Installer\Uninstalled" variants
(Multi-3) = Came as part of a compilation?

I need help identifying these.

[DC] = Unkown code
[f1] = Unknown code
[SWR] = Shareware Retail?
(SQ3 Stand-Alone) = Unknown code