Splinter Cell 1 ShadowBufferMode shadows

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Re: Splinter Cell 1 ShadowBufferMode shadows

Postby lowenz » 2019-2-24 @ 02:19

Anachronox has an OpenGL engine (Q2 modified one) ;)
No need to run in Glide mode (you'll wrap a wrapper), only set a proper extension limit (the same of Q2) for today OpenGL drivers.
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Re: Splinter Cell 1 ShadowBufferMode shadows

Postby CrisGer » 2019-6-12 @ 12:55

I am hoping to replay my original disk of Anochronox on my Windows 10 system but forgot how to set the extension limit..can you help? the GOG version is NOT fully patched and leaves out some stuff. thanks

I just opened up my Nvida control pannel and there is no setting for extensions off or on in the list for Anchronox any more.

I found this post i myself made in 2010 but totally forgot about:

the newest Nvida cards, 8000 and up have lost some of the support for the formats that Anachronox uses...so not even the Nhancer fix works anymore. I found finally a work around...here is what you need to do:

install and patch with all the patches....or use existing game.

Open Nvida Control Panel that comes with each card and go to the 3D section

create a profile for Anachronox, it will not show up on the list of installed games or programs because it installs to C and the control panel only looks in Program files....once you have the Anox.exe created and on the list, set Extension Limit to "ON"

this fix is for Nvida cards onlyl, there is a fix for API cards but i dont have the details.

the problem with all these older opengl games that they use a static buffer when requesting gl extensions which is less then the driver wants to report. I found this fix when trying to get OpelGL to work with SiN and Wages of Sin. it works for Anachronox too. And i hear it also works for Quake and Hexen and some others...to get the high end graphics that are possible.
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Re: Splinter Cell 1 ShadowBufferMode shadows

Postby lowenz » 2019-6-12 @ 18:20

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