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I didn't post updates in here since the initial release, so to summarize:

Boxtron is community Steam Play compatibility tool to play DOS games using native, new, Linux DOSBox (as opposed to old DOSBox versions bundled with the games or going through Proton compatibility layer).

It provides features like

* Lower input lag (compared to DOSBox inside Proton)
* Steam features working as expected (e.g. Steam Cloud, Controller settings or recording of time played)
* Better fullscreen support, especially on multi-monitor setups
* Steam Overlay working out of the box
* More configuration options and defaults more suited to modern Linux desktop
* Automatic detection of MIDI hardware, with software synthesiser used as fallback
* Automatic MIDI setup for supported titles (click Play and enjoy pre-configured MIDI music)

We also have a Discord server: https://discord.gg/8mFhUPX

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