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rcblanke wrote on 2023-04-16, 16:19:
Hi jophran, […]
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Hi jophran,

Not being able to delete actual game files using DBGL has been a specific design-choice on my part, because it can be unclear what files exactly should then be removed. Some DOS(Box) games store files in multiple directories, or even in the C root folder. Also, some games can be run from within a disk or CD image, with additional game files somewhere on the C drive. And some games come with additional documentation files, for example. I decided it is probably best to have the end-user decide which files should be removed, manually.

Hmm, good question about Launchbox. I must say I haven't looked at Launchbox for ages and I do not know what features it has to import DOS games. Importing DBGL desktop shortcuts might work, I don't know. I will have a look at Launchbox soon-ish to see what might work.


Thank you for your answers. I agree now that it's better to not delete those folders when the profile it's deleted, I didn't realize all the other scenarios where files could be stored in many different places.

As for the Launchbox import, I can confirm that it is posible to mass import windows shortcuts and put them under de MS-DOS category without problem, and if the filenames reflects well the actual game title, they will get scrapped by LB without much problems. The only problem now would be that, as the shortcuts that DBGL creates point to the DOSBox version itself, if I change the asociation of a game to a different DOSBox version in DBGL I would have to remember to create that shortcut again so those changes get reflected when I launch them from LB. But it's not a big deal and for now I will do just that.

Thank you!