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Haven't seen this posted and thought some may find it useful. Taking cues from the Gabriel Knight 2 HD/DVD installer, 'Basti' has come up with an XP installer for Phantasmagoria!

Although it's all in German don't let that put you off as a quick [machine] translation provides enough detail to be getting on with:

Hello! […]
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I wrote here quickly a Phantasmagoria Installer, similar to the Gabriel Knight 2 Allround Installer of the GK2000 project.

This Installer enables it to copy Phantasmagoria of all seven CDS completely on hard disk and to play then from there also. He who would like, also simply can pack the so generated index and can burn on a DVD.

Please you read unconditionally also the important references at the end of this text!

Here a couple of advantage of this Installers:
- Windows Xp compatibility
- entire falling of the problematic Sierra-Installers
- Automatic complete picture mode for newer systems
- Change games without CD troublesome
- Index-independence (Phantasmagoria can into each index copies and from there also played become)
- Adaptation of the Musiksynthezisers for newer Soundkarten during the installation
- Designing of connections for window and complete picture mode
- Extras unites for the incorrigible Phantasmagoria fans;)

The seven Phantasmagoria CDS has during the installation! It can be, asks has is that the Installer repeatedly about a CD - on the fast went that now technically not differently - please patience, this process only once necessary!


1st objection you asks that this Installer only functions, if you insert the indicated CDS in correct sequence and correctly were copied also only, if all files. Eighth you therefore exactly, which CD is demanded and who insert you, because some files have same names on the CDS however different contents and does not review the Installer here, whether the correct CD inserted became!!

2. I tested This Installer only with my version. Other versions could function already no longer. The Installer queries all necessary files during the installation, that I have on my Phantasmagoria CDS. It is well possible that other Phantasmagoria versions have other index structures and can accordingly problems in the copying of ready!

3. After the installation, another small DOS-routine is started. This may not be interrupted. This DOS-routine was tested until now only with the German Phantasmagoria version. It is well possible that it crashes under other version or does not lead to the desired result.

Out of these reasons: Utilization naturally on own danger!

Credits: This Installer uses CreateInstall, windows INF-Script as well as the tool UniSCI (c) of Enrico Rolfi (https://gkpatches.vogons.org/)

The download is available here: http://blog.coaster.de/modules/PDdownloads/si … hp?cid=5&lid=25 (35MB)

I've tried it against the my CDs which have a version of 1.100.000 and are the English set as provided in the Phantasmagoria Stagefright boxset. Game installed and runs with no issues.

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Nice. Even though it can still be used, it's still too bad there is no English version.

The Sierra Help Pages -- New Sierra Game Installers -- Sierra Game Patches -- New Non-Sierra Game Installers

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woot old thread.

I ran this and it causes a crash (Error 99) when trying to enter the general store on CD2. I have the original gold release version 1.000.000. Reckless, did you ever experience this problem?

Yes, it’s my fault.