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Re: Time Commando

Postby kniederberger » 2018-6-11 @ 02:01

I realise that this is an old thread but since I couldn't find a posted fix on this problem I thought I would share with this one to show how I got the game working in DOSBox. This is to fix the "can't find time commando cd" error that shows up when trying to start the game. It is related to the volume label check that the game does to check the label on the CD.
For some reason using the DOSBox -label option doesn't always work so the file TIMECO.BIN in the game directory needs to be patched to remove the label. This can be done with any hex editor, I recommend HexEdit and the instructions below are for Hexedit.
1.) Make a backup copy of TIMECO.BIN in the game directory in case you need to revert back.
2.) Start HexEdit and open the file TIMECO.BIN.
3.) Search (<Ctrl>f) for the string TIMECOMM in the file. This is the label of the CD that it is looking for. In my copy of the game this is at address 0x7B1EB, it may be different for different versions of the game.
4.) Make sure HexEdit is in overwrite mode and in the hex value part of the window, edit the hex value for the T of the TIMECOMM string and change it from 54 to 00. In the right hand side of the window the string should change to read .IMECOMM.
5.) Save the file and exit HexEdit.
Now mount the CD in DOSBox with mount d d:\ -t cdrom and start the game. It should start up and allow you to play the game.
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Re: Time Commando

Postby zirkoni » 2018-6-11 @ 14:40

kniederberger wrote:...

But you can also set the label with the mount command:
mount d x:\ -t cdrom -label TIMECOMM
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Re: Time Commando

Postby kniederberger » 2018-6-25 @ 21:52

Yes, but as I mentioned, the -label option with the mount command doesn't work with this game for myself and a number of other people. Hence the requirement to patch the game if you want to run it with DOSBox.
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