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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby leileilol » 2017-5-02 @ 00:48

GLQuake should work on NT4, i mean it was developed on NT4 with NT-only GL supporting pro-workstation 3d hardware in the first place and NT4 had OpenGL support out of the box....
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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby swaaye » 2017-5-02 @ 16:54

I think he meant Rendition didn't have OpenGL on NT4. I've never tried it.
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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby bergqvistjl » 2017-5-16 @ 12:04

Is there a database of all the different rendition cards released, along with their Chipset (V1, V2), Memory & Clock speed etc?
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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby Godlike » 2017-10-15 @ 03:31

To all Rendition Vérité fans


can be used as custom case badge for eg.
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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby eightbit » 2017-10-18 @ 01:26

I have a 4MB Stealth II S220 myself. Oddly enough the Rendition reference driver I have installed reports it as a V2200. I am not sure if it is because it has the latest/last v1.36 BIOS or something is different about the card. In any case, I *love* this card. It is the only card I own out of maybe a dozen PCI cards (S3's, 3D blaster, Savage4. and some others) that can handle some games odd frequencies and resolutions (like DOS Cannon Fodder) and the picture is so much better on it when using an LED display than any of my other cards for some reason.

Also, the claim of DOS FPS games running terrible is not true. Doom and Doom II run fine for me with this card. Admittedly they run smoother with other cards, but it is not bad at all and certainly not as bad as people make it out to be.

Yeah, the Rendition cards are really fantastic. Too bad they are so rare (except maybe the S220 that is). I recommend picking one up if you do not have one already. You will not be disappointed.
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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby Osprey » 2017-10-18 @ 04:31

eightbit wrote:I have a 4MB Stealth II S220 myself. Oddly enough the Rendition reference driver I have installed reports it as a V2200. I am not sure if it is because it has the latest/last v1.36 BIOS or something is different about the card.

I remember the S220 being reported as a V2200 way back when it was new. I think that the V2200 and V2100 were really just the same chip and the ones that didn't reliably pass tests at the clock speed required for V2200 labeling got labeled as V2100 and shipped off to Diamond for the S220. In fact, I think that the S220 might've been the only major V2100 card produced (at least for NA markets). I guess that Diamond was the only manufacturer willing to take the risk on the reject chips. They then overclocked the chips, I believe, so that they were reported as V2200 in the drivers, and named the card the S220 (which makes you think that it has the V2200 in it). Regardless, I remember being thrilled thinking that I essentially got a V2200 for only $99. That was $50 cheaper than my previous card, the state of the art Intergraph Reactor (V1000), and more powerful. I believe that actual V2200 cards were overclocked, as well, so they were still faster than the S220, but you simply couldn't beat the value of the S220.
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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby idspispopd » 2018-1-18 @ 12:48

According to these postings in the VOGONS Driver Library thread
a Rendition V1000 card by ExpertColor should exist, model number is VR1040.
I can't find anything about this card, though, so maybe it wasn't actually produced.
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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Postby Ozzuneoj » 2018-7-13 @ 15:38

Does anyone have the original CDs that came with the Canopus Total3D Verite? I picked up one of these cards recently and I've been playing with it. I also managed to find a pair of 3D shutter glasses that are (apparently) the same as the ones that Canopus bundled with the card, but I'm not sure where to find the games that actually work with this card in stereo 3D.

Also, I have an odd problem with the card. When I start Windows 98SE with the command prompt or restart in DOS mode, everything looks normal but the bottom line of text (the line I type on) will be invisible once the screen has had to scroll at least one line. When I type there is nothing there, but hitting enter shifts everything up a line and I can see the command I typed, but the new prompt is still invisible. It isn't a screen alignment issue. There is plenty of space, and it shows the last line as long as the screen hasn't had to scroll yet. But once I hit enter and it scrolls all of the lines up, the last line is now invisible and I can't see what I'm typing. What would cause this? Its very strange.
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