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This was done in error. Wrong behavior. Please ignore.

Space Quest 5

Playing around with the General Midi driver. Some things noticed:
- You can change the max polyphony from 32 -> 255
(if you set to 1, game only plays ch9 (1 note) + ch10 drums)

- KeyAfterTouch, ChannelAfterTouch is ignored (likely unused)
(added this in anyway)

- Driver originally made for ch2-10 (globalvolume doesn't affect ch1,11-16)
(left this alone)

- PatchChange ch10 is ignored
(changed this to allow modifying percussion)

- Reverb is ignored
(not sure how / if this is used - global or per channel)
(left alone)

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I am not sure of the reason for increasing the polyphony if the game's SND resources will not use it. If you are just trying to change which instruments are played, the SCI games used a PAT (PATCH) resource to do so. It is packed in the RESOURCE.000 file. Hacking the driver may make more sense for fan games where resources could be added to take advantage of it, but SCI Studio and SCI Companion can only do SCI0

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I increased the polyphony just for curiosity (heard that QFG4 hits the MKII poly limit of 28, which is near the 32 limit).
(I have a dislike of dropped notes, like MT-32 overflows)

I've heard that SQ5 uses GS drumkits that the sound driver is programmed to ignore. So I've modified the code to pass out percussion changes.
ref: http://queststudios.com/smf/index.php?topic=1861.15;wap2

(I'm not interested in changing the resources - just attempting to see if the drivers are discarding MIDI data that someone might find interesting)