Essential feature: Text Copy and Paste

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Re: Essential feature: Text Copy and Paste

Postby Dominus » 2012-9-24 @ 20:47

Significant amount will never be reached when you look at something like dosbox while coding for some CS. Significant amount will get reached when you deliberately copy
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Re: Essential feature: Text Copy and Paste

Postby techy » 2019-3-13 @ 04:40

** I use an old accounting app for DOS, its works fine under Windows 7 32-bit. But I'm moving to Windows 10 64-bit due to MS stopping extended support in 12 months or less. I've installed the newest DOSBox (as of 3-20-2019), but am unable to paste text from Windows 10's clipboard to my DOS app in DOSBox. What keyboard command will allow me to paste captured text to a an app running inside DOSBox?
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