Shift keys not working in dosbox

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Shift keys not working in dosbox

Postby elektito » 2016-6-18 @ 19:24

I just installed and run dosbox on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine, and I noticed that the shift keys don't work at all inside dosbox. They don't work in combination with any other key. If I hold shift and press and other button (say a letter key, or the semi-colon/colon key which I really really need for obvious reasons) nothing is printed out. I also tried building dosbox from the latest svn source code (obtained from the github mirror), but the problem persisted. The Ubuntu version of dosbox is 0.74.

This happens consistently and I've found no workarounds. I tried the keymapper but there didn't seem to be anything I could do there to fix my problem.
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Re: Shift keys not working in dosbox

Postby martina » 2017-4-20 @ 10:09

I had the very same problem.
After searching the internet i found a "solution" dated December 2010 at:

I went to search for this "menu" somewhere, but had very little hope as it is a 7 year old post! Eventually, however, it made me check my short-cuts assignments. I was using a "Left Shift - Right Shift" combination to switch my keyboard layouts!

After removing (changing) this short-cut assignment the DOS Box works just fine, or at least the Shift keys do!
Time to play some old games, YAY!!
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