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With the king's quest collection, i got backgammon and it uses the internal speaker for the sound effects and some opening music. i dont believe i can choose what kind of sound card i want for the game because its only a small game. is there anyway i could turn the internal speaker off? with the internal speaker, the sound comes from the tower part of the computer, not the regular speakers.

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The default is to use just the PC speaker and comes with no install to choose anything else. It does, however, come with the other drivers. If you want to have MIDI, open the RESOURCE.CFG file in the games folder. Find the line:

soundDrv = STD.DRV

and change it to:

soundDrv = ADL.DRV

and save it. To play the game, use SCIDHUV.EXE, not PLAY.BAT or PLAY2.EXE, as these two will reset the game to the PC speaker. Also if you are playing it under Windows 2k or XP, don't forget that you will need to run it with VDMSound as well.