Anyone got a Ryzen 7?

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Anyone got a Ryzen 7?

Postby MrEWhite » 2017-6-27 @ 21:52

So, I'm probably going to upgrade to Ryzen 7, but has anyone here tested the performance of DOSBox under a Ryzen 7?

If anyone with one of these CPUs could run this test here: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=43280

It would be really helpful :)
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Re: Anyone got a Ryzen 7?

Postby F2bnp » 2017-6-27 @ 22:16

Thinking about getting a Ryzen 5 1600 myself to replace my aging FX-8320.

If DOSBox performance reflects IPC as it is on other single-threaded applications, then the Ryzen CPU will probably perform roughly on par with Broadwell-E processor at the same clockspeed.
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Re: Anyone got a Ryzen 7?

Postby chickenpee » 2018-9-13 @ 23:56

It's not a Ryzen 7, but I did get to test a 5 1600 before safety issues started (the GPU set off my smoke alarm) and I had to return it. It was a disappointment. With a single thread passmark over 1800, I was expecting it to give my old i3's a run for the money. My gold standard test is:

1) Start up Windows 3.1 in Dosbox, 640x480 resolution, 16.7M colors
2) Play a midi file
3) Simultaneously, play solitaire with outline dragging off, and try to drag a big pile of cards with the mouse.
4) See how high the Dosbox cycles can go before the midi file starts stuttering.

(Why so specific? Because MIDI+solitaire in 3.1 is still one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day. The 16.7M color requirement is my forever tribute to the immortal Tandy Sensation.)

My 4th and 6th gen i3's get up to about 80k cycles before the stuttering starts. But with the Ryzen 5 1600, I only got up to about 50k. This leads me to believe that the Dosbox-lagging architecture that plagued the FX series, is still there to some extent in the Ryzen. Sorry no "normal" benchmarks (PCP, Quake, etc)...the smoke alarm was my cue to stop.
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